Elegant Jewelry Set – Gold Onyx Stones and Eye Charms


Key Features:

  • Luxurious Gold Chain: The focal point of the set is a radiant gold chain that drapes gracefully, showcasing the exquisite onyx stones.
  • Opulent Onyx Stones: Meticulously placed on the chain, the onyx stones lend an air of sophistication and allure to every piece.
  • Versatile Bracelet: The matching bracelet complements the set with its harmonious arrangement of gold onyx stones, creating a seamless look.
  • Graceful Earrings: The earrings, adorned with the same stunning onyx stones, frame your face elegantly and complete the ensemble.
  • Symbolic Eye Charms: Each piece is enhanced with a dainty eye charm, available in an array of individual colors, representing protection, insight, and personal connection.
  • Chic and Versatile: Wear the set together for a cohesive and captivating statement, or mix and match to suit your unique style.
  • Crafted with Care: Every element of this jewelry set is crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring that it stands the test of time.



Introducing our exquisite jewelry set, curated for those who seek refined elegance and a touch of mystique. This stunning ensemble features a captivating gold chain adorned with luxurious onyx stones, accompanied by a matching bracelet and earrings. What sets this set apart are the individual eye color charms, each adding a unique and symbolic element to your style.

Indulge in the allure of our Gold Onyx Stones and Eye Charms Jewelry Set, where beauty, symbolism, and sophistication harmonize. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday elegance, this set is designed to elevate your style. Experience the enchantment exclusively from Artesania Korita.


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