Gilded Elegance: Yellow Onyx Leaf-Shaped Pendant with Gold Frame


Key Features:

  • Vivid Yellow Onyx: The pendant boasts a genuine yellow onyx stone that exudes a vibrant and cheerful yellow hue, reflecting the warmth of the sun and the energy of nature.
  • Leaf-Shaped Design: The pendant’s leaf-shaped design pays homage to the beauty of nature, capturing the essence of a gently swaying leaf in exquisite detail.
  • Lustrous Gold Frame: The yellow onyx stone is embraced by a lustrous gold frame, elevating the pendant’s elegance and adding a touch of opulence.
  • Elegant Versatility: Whether worn as a statement piece or paired with other accessories, this pendant adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.



Discover the radiant beauty of nature’s hues combined with exquisite craftsmanship in our Yellow Onyx Leaf-Shaped Pendant with Gold Frame. This pendant showcases the allure of a yellow onyx stone expertly shaped into a delicate leaf, encased within a luxurious gold frame, creating a captivating fusion of nature-inspired design and opulent elegance.

Experience the harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and luxurious design with our Yellow Onyx Leaf-Shaped Pendant with Gold Frame from Artesania Korita. A striking testament to skilled craftsmanship and refined taste, this pendant becomes a treasured addition to your jewelry collection, symbolizing the enduring allure of nature’s inspiration and the elegance of fine artistry.


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