Pearl Stone Heart-Shaped Earrings with Center Eye and Diamond Accents: Timeless Love and Inner Clarity


Key Features:

  • Eternal Heart Design: The heart-shaped earrings encapsulate enduring emotions, making them a meaningful accessory to express your feelings. The arrangement of pearl stones adds an air of classic beauty to the design.
  • Elegant Pearl Stones: The pearl stones radiate purity and grace, embodying the essence of timeless love. Their soft luminescence catches the light, enhancing the heart-shaped silhouette.
  • Shimmering Diamond Accents: Diamonds grace the heart shape with delicate elegance, adding a touch of luxury and brilliance. Their timeless allure complements the pearls, creating an interplay of light and refinement.
  • Mystical Center Eye: At the core of each earring lies a captivating eye, symbolizing inner wisdom and insight. The eye’s presence adds an element of mystery and depth to the design, turning these earrings into meaningful symbols.
  • Versatile Elegance: Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or embracing your unique style, these earrings seamlessly elevate your look with their charm and profound symbolism.



Introducing our Pearl Stone Heart-Shaped Earrings, an embodiment of timeless emotions and inner insight. These earrings feature a captivating heart-shaped design adorned with elegant pearl stones, adorned with shimmering clear diamond accents all around and centered by a mesmerizing eye—a symbol of inner vision and enchantment.

Elevate your jewelry collection with the Pearl Stone Heart-Shaped Earrings featuring a mesmerizing center eye and diamond accents from Artesania Korita. These earrings embody both timeless emotions and inner clarity—a tribute to your enduring love and your ability to perceive beyond the surface. Let them become cherished piece that resonates with your sentiments and reflects your timeless elegance and profound insight.


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